Frequently Asked Questions

No, this is not a Vulnerable Sector Check. Our Name-Based Criminal Record Check focuses on checking criminal records only. However, some industries require a VSC, which involves thoroughly investigating local police records. Please verify with your industry/employer, etc. beforehand whether you need a VSC. 

Our criminal record check results don't expire. However, employers and agencies may have policies on how long they accept them. Therefore, confirming the timeframe with your employer or requesting agency is best. 

To conduct a criminal record check in Canada, we must first obtain informed consent from the individual. This means that every applicant must willingly provide personal information and carefully review the RCMP's consent language before we begin. Once the individual has consented, we can proceed with the criminal record check.  

Our CRJMC checks may not meet immigration or permanent residency requirements, as fingerprints may be necessary. 

You can expect to receive your results via email within 15 minutes of submitting your request.  

Police-Check partners with many local Canadian Police Agencies in order to be authorized to conduct criminal background checks using the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) database. As a third party accessing this database, we have been approved by the RCMP to be a secure resource for this information.  

Police-Check shows any possible convictions that match your information and the CPIC Database.  

Please note, this is not a Vulnerable Sector Check. 

We suggest confirming with your future employer or whomever you are providing your criminal background check to, that they accept third party police checks as we cannot issue a refund. Even though our checks are accredited by the RCMP, some companies may request it to be done b y your local police service. Get Online Police Checks in Canada. More questions? Reach out to