Tips for Finding a New Job

Job Interview

Tailor your resume per job posting 

We know the easy thing to do is to fire off your resume and cover letter to multiple job postings and hope for the best. Best practice is to update both to match what is asked for in the job description. Using keywords that the company hiring is looking for is a great way to make you stand out and show that you can complete the tasks they are looking for. This is most effective way tip and trick of finding for dream job.

Join Job Boards 

Whether it be LinkedIn Groups, Facebook or Indeed there are tons of resources where you can find jobs specifically to your industry. We recommend searching keywords based off the job and location. For example, if you are a nurse looking for jobs in Toronto, by searching “healthcare jobs Toronto” or “nursing jobs Toronto” etc. You will likely find groups that are specifically meant for job postings. LinkedIn also has a feature where you can receive updates when certain job titles related to your field open up. 

Attend Networking Events 

Networking can be both virtual and in person. By expanding your professional network, you are allowing yourself to find new opportunities. Whether you attend conferences or job fairs, introduce yourself to other attendees and find out more about them and what they do. We recommend creating a digital business card that you can share with people you meet to link them back to your LinkedIn profile. This allows you to create a more personal connection and opens the doors for communication later. 

Connect With Recruiters  

Connecting with recruiters is a great way to get ahead of other applicants. By having a one-on-one interaction, it allows you to have someone vouching for you as you are applying for positions. Recruiters also keep a database of past interviews so if something doesn’t work out, they can reach back out to you if similar positions arise in the future.  

Get a Police Check 

Showing future employers how prepared you are is a great way to stand out amongst the crowd of competition. This shows that you are responsible and organized. You can now receive results in under 15 minutes by purchasing online with police-check!